“Helen Lee is a resourceful painter whose work hovers close to caricature but has a weight and presence that the term might not fully convey”
Mel Gooding (Art Critic, Curator & Professor)


“Her flair for composition and her quasi-naive treatment of the human figure which communicates feeling so directly, continue to give pleasure and delight”

Edward Gage (Art Critic)


“Perhaps best of all I liked Helen Lee, whose pictures of strange and slightly grotesque people carrying a television set through the streets, taking tea at Fortnum’s or selling a watermelon have a wholly personal quirkiness which is very beguiling”

John Russell Taylor (Art Critic & Author)


“Helen has worked at the Bookshop for eleven years and has totally transformed the window space with her lovely designs, all fashioned out of cardboard boxes from [book] deliveries… Wivenhoe residents have seen the windows as street art, always looking forward to the next design”

Ginny Waters (former Wivenhoe Bookshop Proprietor)


“There is something both open and secretive about Helen Lee’s art… Her canvases – or boards – are generous, whereas her subjects retain some closeness or even mystery.  Who are those people in the George hotel?”

Peter Kennedy (local Arts Editor)